Plan Disclosures

If you are an active MyAARPMedicare Login portal user, you must acknowledge the portal disclosures before proceeding further to the offline or online services.

Plans are insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its subsidiaries, a Medicare Advantage company under a Medicare contract.

Enrollment in any MyAARPMedicare plan is directed to the renewal as per the Medicare contract. UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company reimburses AARP license charges to utilize your intellectual property. These charges are utilized for general AARP persistences.

UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company pays AARP license charges to utilize the intellectual property. These charges are related to general AARP plans and the health insurance coverage offered to all the registered clients at the login portal.

The Login portal registered members can use any online services but cannot benefit from the preferential prices of the retail stores. Retail pharmacy interface preferred pharmacies may not be obtainable in all the regions.

Participants may utilize any chain pharmacy, but will not get the same amount as Walgreens, the plan may favor the retail pharmacy. On the other side, Walgreens pharmacies or the medications may not be available in all regions.

Discounts at non-preferred network pharmacies apply during the first insurance period, which begins after the required deductible payment (if applicable) and ends when the full cost of your drugs paid by UnitedHealthcare as per the norms at

If you receive Extra Help from MyAARPMedicare, your co-pays may be lower or you must have been terminated from it. This website features health and wellness data, content, and articles that have been made accessible to you by third parties.

In any case of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. UnitedHealthcare, AARP, and their members do not recommend or endorse any particular tests, methods, advice, or other data as per the norms stated at the Login portal.